Room Additions Los Angeles

If you start feeling crowded in your home, call First Step Builders Inc. We will improve it by adding a room or making a home extension. A room addition is the right way if you need more space without the necessity of moving into a new home. First Step Builders Inc. will take care of your project from the beginning to the final touch in a professional and safe manner.

Our room addition service starts from the meeting at a place where you want to add or extend a room. While on the spot, we make the assessment and look at the possibility of your project execution.

Having the information and measurements, we will give you the estimate for your project. Together we will choose the right materials to fit your particular style and needs. We will discuss design, colors and quality of materials in the most convenient way.

After estimating, we create the blueprints. We need to be sure you accept everything before we go on to the next stage. Our engineering service guarantees proper construction, up to local code standards. We control that the design matches with the project budget.

When we start room addition itself, we’ll keep you informed. It is our company’s rule to let you feel that you are in good hands. We will do our best to provide you with comfort in your home during the renovation process. We will finish the project on time and budget.

You will get high-quality service from start to finish. First Step Builders Inc. guarantees your 100% satisfaction.